Motto: Diligiter Bonum Quaerere [Seeking the Good Deligently]


Our history began way back in the 1930’s when Nsukka was rural town, residing among the hills and undisturbed by the world around it. One small road led to it. There was no petrol pump, no electrical light and very little water. Fr. James Millet was the parish priest and while he could see that the boys and men had opportunities, he was very concerned for the girls and women of the area. His parish extended very far and took in many of our present day parishes and local government areas. This concern became his problem and when he looked out at other areas in Nigeria Onitsha, port-Harcourt, Adazi and Ihiala, he saw fine young Nigeria women being trained by the Holy Rosary Sisters and being prepared to take their places in any society. Nsukka must have the same he thought. So he approached the sisters and begged them to come to Nsukka. They agreed and Fr. Millet set to building a convent spacious and sturdy like himself being a giant of a man in every way. Next he built a primary school wiith a boarding department and small clinic. He then invited the sisters to it.

As years passed, several girls from Nsukka became trained midwives; but to secure secondary education and Teachers-Training,they had to travel through dusty roads to go further in the fields. So, in the late fifties the sister decided that the girls of Nsukka deserved and needed their very own secondary school. Negotiations began and Sr. Mary John day after day talked and consulted with the elders until finally a stretch of land a few kilometers outside Nsukka town was procured in 1960, buildings began to appear on it. First, a small pre-fab building were two sisters took up residence: Sr. M.De Lourdes The first principal and Sr. M .Agatha. the first building which now incorporates the principal’s office and the school was given the name QUEEN OF THE ROSASRY SECONDARY SCHOOL, NSUKKA. Next, the dormitory was built in which was the biology lab. The first class began in 1960. The school grew, starting with a new class yearly and, buildings increased to accommodate them: classrooms, dormetories and staff houses. The sisters eventually moved to the staff house, the present principal’s house where they lived until the civil war crisis when eventually they were forced to leave it due to circumstances. Sr. M. Des of blessed memory succeeded Sr. M Delourdes as principal, and Sr.M. Edith took over from her until April 1967.

In 1970 Mrs Regina Njoku held the school from January until April in April 1970, Sr. Joseph Therese Agbasiere took over as principal, building up and trying to reconstruct what remained after the war. During her time she was able to erect the bungalow classrooms in front of the school and some of the staff houses with the help of the state school Board. When she left in 1973 to take over the principalship of Queens School, Enugu, Mrs. P Ezeilo became the principal. Following Mrs. P. Ezeilo in February 1979 was Mrs. Grace Adiehe, and many others till the present principal Mrs. Eucharia Nwangu.

Queens in contemporary time

Queen of the Rosary Secondary School at this time is really a citadel of learning where girls are informed and formed into women of great value. It is one of the greatest gifts to Nsukka people. The former administrator Fr. Andrew Eze contributed abundantely to the school’s success stories. We really appreciate him and pray that God will bless him abundately also. Now we have a new Administrator Fr. Luke Eze, we welcome him also and pray for him to do well. And for our new principal Mrs. Eucharia Nwangu, we wish her a successful leadership.


What did the founders of this school – The Holy Rosary Sisters want to achieve by starting it? The words of Bishop Shanahan, the founder of the Holy Rosary Sisters congregation best summarize it. The objective of the school is to honour God by teaching every people to know, love and serve him here (on earth), and then to share with Him, His happiness forever in heaven. May every girl who enters this school reproduce in her life, the virtues of faith, patience, and goodness in all its forms and practiced by Our Lady, and may the blessings of Jesus Christ ever come to and remain with every little girl who enters this school (so that she should) enter one day the gate of heaven.

Finally, our motto says “Diligiter Bonum Quaerere that is to seek the good diligently.