Motto: Diligiter Bonum Quaerere [Seeking the Good Deligently]

Our Prospectus For New Students (JSS1 and SS1)

Introduction : The queens family heartily congratulates you on your admission into this great and noble family and welcomes you with love. Queens is not just a school; it is a family, a home and a house of formation and transformation. You are welcome.

This is a guide on the requirements for registration and the necessary things needed by the student for a comfortable stay in school. Please read thoroughly.

ITEM A: ( Things to be provided by the school)
For the sake of uniformity and beauty, individual students are not expected to make any school uniforms. The school will provide all the necessary school uniforms. The items below are provided by the school and are covered by the registration fee.

  1. Two white shirts(school uniform)
  2. Two long sleeve check shirts (school uniform for ceremonies)
  3. Two blue gowns or skirts (school uniform)
  4. Two pink gowns (compound wear)
  5. Two white gowns (Sunday wear)
  6. Two berets
  7. Two neck tie
  8. Two belts
  9. Two blue head tie
  10. One games wear (for inter-house sports)
  11. One jubilee uniform (for Junior students)
  12. One long sleeve cardigan (for Junior and senior)
  13. One sleeveless cardigan (for senior students)
  14. Four pairs of socks
  15. School identity card
  16. Diocesan hymn book
  17. Praise worship
  18. Two plates, one fork, spoon, knife and cup (to be collected on resumption)

NB- If you need more uniforms than the number given by the school, you can buy from the school. - Make sure you properly write your names clearly and neatly on all your school uniforms and other property to avoid loss or misplacement.

ITEM B: Necessary Documents for registration(To be provided by the student)

The following document are to be presented for registration
  • Original bank teller (evidence of payment) of the ₦26,500 registration fee.
  • Baptism certificate/birth certificate (original & photocopy )
  • A letter undertaking from the parents of the student pledging to cooperate with the school and abide by the school rules and regulation without undue interference) with contact address and phone number.
  • Medical certificate/test results for HIV, Genotype, Blood group from a catholic hospital (and any other medical report , to be counter-signed by the parents in case the student has any health issue that the school needs to take note of, like ulcer, eye problem, asthma, allergies, sickle cells etc.)
  • One recent passport photograph bearing your name and class behind it and taken in your former school uniform
  • BSCE statement of result (original and photocopy ) if available now (for SS1 students)
  • Transfer certificate/testimonial from your former school (original & photocopy)
  • The student must be present for the registration.

ITEM C: Fees

The summary of all the fees for new students are as follows

Registration feeN26,500(covering all item A above).
Boarding feeN23,000( covering orientation period)
School feeN15,000N15,000 ( for Junior students) and 18,000 (for senior students)
TOTALN64,000(for Junior students) and 67,000 (for senior)

All these fees must not be paid once if the parents cannot afford all of them once. However, the registration fee must be paid before the registration and the teller presented on registration day. Boarding fee and school fees could be paid when the school begins. All the fees are to be paid in the bank. We do not collect cash. You can pay into any of the account below:

A/c name: QRSSN
A/c no: 1011754762
Zenith Bank

A/c name: QRSSN
A/c no:1011695245
Zenith Bank

A/c name:QRSSN
A/c no:01-2313
Kenechukwu Microfinance Bank

A/c name: QRSSN
A/c no: 01-2314
Kenechukwu Microfinance Bank

  • Do not lump all the payments into one teller only. Instead, each should have a separate teller.
  • It is the name of the student that must be on the teller as the depositor.
  • The original copies of the tellers are submitted to the school, while the student or parents keep the photocopies
  • For any clarification, call the school administrator.
  • To give parents enough time to prepare, registration will be done in two phases. The first phase of the registration will start on Monday 6th August, 2018 and Monday, 13thAugust , from 9.00am-2.00pm each day in the school compound. The 2nd phase will begin on Monday 27th August and end on Monday, 3rdSeptember, 2018, the same time and venue.
  • However, early registration will gives you more chance of admission as we may not be able to take all who would wish to be admitted due to accommodation problem.
  • School begins for all the new students ( for orientation ) on Tuesday, 11th September, 2018. All the new students are expected to pack into the school that day latest 5pm.
  • Then, there will be an orientation for all the parents (Father or Mother or Guardian)of the new students on Saturday,15th September, 2018 at 10am.it is compulsory

    • ITEM D: Other necessary items (to be provided by the students)

    • One wooden classroom locker and chair, painted royal blue colour and the student’s name written in front of the locker. No plastic or iron seat, please.
    • . One small wooden cupboard(size not more than 2.6ft height x 1.6ft width), painted royal blue and the student’s name written by the side
    • Two pairs of queens’ school sandal( available in school and in the market)
    • A decent school bag
    • A functional wrist watch
    • Good sports outfit, white or blue coloured jersey (top and short)
    • Sports canvas and hose
    • One neat mattress for six springs bed. It must have a cloth or leather cover,(no bare foam please)
    • A pair of bed sheet, neat pillow and two pillow case
    • One whit bed sheet and one white pillow case and ( a foot-mat to be bought in school)
    • Enough underwear
    • Towels, sponge, soap dish, tooth brush and paste or chewing sticks, enough toilet tissues.
    • Sweaters or cold jackets and blankets (queens is usually cold)
    • A pair of bathroom slipper and other foot wear(must be pink or blue in colour
    • A pair of night gown
    • Rain coat or umbrella
    • Enough of hangers and pegs
    • Water bottle
    • A hoe, broom and cutlass
    • 20 litre gallon and 10 litre gallon and bucket for collecting water and washing
    • Rechargeable lamb in case of light failure.
    • A nail cutter
    • A Holy Bible (Good News Bible, only).
    • Usoro Emume Missa in Igbo, Latin and English (for catholic only)
    • KatikizimNkeOkwukweNkeNdiKatolic (for catholic only)
    • Rosary (for catholic only)
    • A simple prayer book with the mystery of light(for catholic only)
    • Assembly manual for students (not morning manual please
    • Most of the recommended textbook attached are available in the school bookshop at cheaper rates).
    • Intensive English and New National Mathematics are compulsory and are bought from school bookshop
    • Also, mattress, classroom locker, chair and cupboard are also available in school at cheaper rates to save you the inconvenience of carrying heavy load
    • Congratulations, welcome, good luck and God bless you

      													Rev. Fr. Luke Eze