Motto: Diligiter Bonum Quaerere [Seeking the Good Deligently]


  1. You have every right and every reason to be happy, except if you do not want to.
  2. But to be happy, you must be obedient, disciplined and orderly
  3. You have come here to build your future through, determination and hard work
  4. Be punctual to activities. Punctuality is the soul of business and the first sign of seriousness.
  5. Be neat and clean in and out. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Proper hygiene is necessary for good health of mind and body.
  6. Be polite, prudent, constructive, charitable and mature in expressing yourself.
  7. Be prayerful and spiritual. Attend Masses, sacraments, pious societies etc. God is the solid ultimate foundation of your life and prayer is our greatest power and key and Be altruistic, dedicated and committed. Do your morning function and other assignments dutifully, passionately and conscientiously
  8. Place the common good of the school before and over your personal needs/want.
  9. Dress decently and modestly and you will attract admiration and respect to yourself. Dress in correct school uniform always. There is beauty in orderliness and uniformity.
  10. Take good care of your health. Avoid unhealthy habits and attitudes. When you feel ill do not hesitate, report to the clinic and take your medications seriously
  11. Be where others are, lest you attract suspicion to yourself
  12. Be respectful to everybody, students, staff and authority. Respect is reciprocal.
  13. Learn to keep quite at the designated time and places. Silence is golden. Empty tins make noise.
  14. Keep good friends and you will be better for it.
  15. Do not be odd or behave suspiciously, or you will be treated as such. Avoid bad friends, or any suspicious or secret company or association. Bad friends corrupt and lead to doom.
  16. Report suspicious behaviours and cases of indiscipline to the school authority. Never hide evil .
  17. Be patriotic. Take good care of your property and the school property. Things are hard .
  18. Be humble, obedient and honest and you will attract love and favour to yourself.
  19. Be passionate about your studies. Be docile, diligent, and determined and success will be your companion.
  20. Exercise yourself. Engage in sports, football, volley ball etc. A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.
  21. Manage your time very well. Time is expensive, Time is wealth. Develop yourself with your free time. Learn skills, ICT, sewing, arts, musical instrument etc. You may not know where your salvation will come from.
  22. Never hide your talent or gift. Know your talent and gifts; bring them out, make good use of them and develop them.
  23. Make the library your friend and you will be great.
  24. Have big dreams, stay focused, be passionate about your dreams and start now.
  25. Join the school clubs, press club, mathematics club, science club, music etc. that is how to grow.
  26. Make use of your complete cutleries in the refectory
  27. You are a Queen. Dress like a queen, walk like a queen, eat like a queen, speak like a queen, behave like a queen. Therefore, Do not fight, molest or bully any student, you are NOT a bull or a street girl.
  28. Do not keep any student uncomfortable or miserable in any way, physically or psychologically, in word or action. Every student here has right to peace and happiness.
  29. Do not starve any student of food at table. Every student has equal right to the food
  30. Do not steal. You have no right whatsoever over another person’s property.
  31. Do not join or keep any bad company or suspicious group, or you will be thrown out. And do well to report any of such to the authority.
  32. Do not have school mother or daughter. All the students here are sisters.
  33. Do not litter the compound. Make use of the waste paper baskets
  34. Do not be careless or wasteful. People are making serious sacrifices to keep you here.
  35. Do not engage in any form of sexual immorality. Beware of lesbianism and do well to report every suspected case to the authority
  36. Do not leave the school without proper permission or jump the fence. Only criminal do such.
  37. Do not engage in examination malpractice. Knowledge is power and ignorance is a disease.
  38. Do not tell lies, lest people will not believe you even when you are telling the truth.
  39. Do not receive visitors except on the visiting days.
  40. Do not keep any provision in the classroom or hostel. Make use of the canteen.
  41. Do not keep more than =N=100 in your possession to avoid temptation and stories.
  42. Do not bring in or keep phone, any electrical/electronic gadget.
  43. Do not iron your clothes with the generator, lest you throw the whole school into darkness and that would be selfishness and wickedness.
  44. Do not take your food or cutleries outside the refectory. There is time and place for everything.
  45. Do not paint or make yourself up loudly or put on tight dresses and unwanted articles. You are a secondary school student , not an apprentice or prostitute.
  46. Do not dodge school activities like assembly, Mass, prayers etc.
  47. Do not defecate or urinate around the compound. Only animals do that. Make use of the toilet
  48. Do not jump gutters or cross flowers. Make use of the proper pathways.
  49. Do not starve yourself by being so selective about food. You are endangering your health.
  50. Do not go to the quarters alone and without good reasons.
  51. Do not damage any school property and report yourself when you do.